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 Pearl of Tahiti 50th Anniversary
  Issue : April 07 of 2011
  Printing : Thermogravure
  Imprimerie : Phil@poste
  Production : PSP-OPT-2011 photo : Frédéric Payet
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The Pearl of Tahiti is made from a very specific oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera. The name Margaritifera is evocative and comes from the Latin word Margarita, which means pearl in Latin.
This pearl oyster, called “nacre” in French Polynesia, derives from the Persian word “nakkar”, which means “shimmering jewel”.

Once out of its nacre shell, the Pearl of Tahiti will travel far, beyond the horizon, the only boundaries of its native atoll. It leaves for another world, the world of elite and luxury jewellery. In Paris or in New York, in Italy, Japan or anywhere else, its robe, its charms, its sheen, its beauty, which some even try to imitate, will be fought over. Unfold the red carpet for this Princess of the Oceans invited in the showcases of the world’s greatest jewellers.
Designers use it in many creations, in order to enhance its unique nature and reveal it to the eye and to the mind of the beholder, with no gimmicks.

The little “Poe Rava” has turned into a goddess, and, in the luxury world of “Haute Joaillerie”, it embodies the renewed alchemy between Man and Nature.
Its robe has the sheen of the reflections in the lagoons of Polynesian atolls. Its shape and roundness express the sensuality of a woman’s body. Coming from the South Seas, the Cultured Pearl of Tahiti has all the colours, grace, shapes and hues that can be dreamed of. As the symbol of purity and elegance, it can bewitch all those who gaze at it.

It is therefore easy to fall for its charms… but sometimes difficult to prefer just one. To choose your pearl, first trust your heart. However, if you are still hesitant, then looking into criteria such as size, shape, surface quality, lustre or colour may help you choose your pearl.

Pearl of Tahiti 50th Anniversary
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